Technology Implementation Support

Newbold Advisors has supported technology implementation from industry changing initiatives, global projects and smaller internally focused efforts.

Newbold Advisors can assist you in supporting your technology implementation whether it is internally focused or industry wide.

We have supported implementation of initiatives that are international, as well as single department initiatives.

We understand the difference and will apply right-sized methdologies and best practices to ensure that your project is delivered successfully.

Our teams are not only bring top notch technical skills, they bring business acumen as well.  This makes the difference between just delivering the project and delivering business value.

Though trained in many methodologies and technologies, we are not married to any and will make sure to apply the right methods and technologies within your business framework that suit your project.

Our services include:

  • Business Requirements
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • COTs Implementation Support
  • Testing
  • Program and Project Management