Enterprise-level practices, strong test leadership at the program and project level and rigorous test execution all contribute to successful testing.


  • Newbold can help you sift through all the information and apply methods and tools to help ensure success whether it is at an enterprise, project or individual test level.
  • Effective User Acceptance Testing requires both knowledge of test methods/tools and business content knowledge. Newbold UAT teams are testing professionals with strong business acumen in the content at hand.
  • Working with our testing professionals will help your organization achieve the level of quality that you as a business user expect and deserve.
  • We can use your firm’s methodology, help you to develop a workable test methodology, or enhance your methodology.
  • Our objective is to optimize cost, risk and acceptance test rigor, while meeting or improving on your corporate standards.
  • Newbold has supported projects large and small, local and global, integrated and non-integrated.