Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets expertise is the product of our team's years of "hands-on" management experience and market involvement. Newbold consultants will help you to understand the risks and opportunities of the capital markets.

Newbold Capital Markets consultants leverage their industry experience and their network of capital markets participants to improve your business.

We have skilled practitioners to help you to formulate and execute a capital markets strategy tailored to your firm’s needs.

Our Capital Markets team is proficient in the following areas:

  • Capital markets governance – policy development and oversight, organization and control systems
  • Trading desk operations and technology
  • Hedging and interest rate risk management program development, monitoring and testing
  • Loan and MSR valuation
  • Secondary marketing, including lock desk operations, lock policy, multi-channel pricing, loan trading, best execution analysis, loan sales and securitization, and delivery
  • Gain-on-sale forensics and attribution analysis
  • Hedging, pipeline, and inventory management systems – evaluation, implementation, optimization, and model validation
  • Investor relations and product management
  • Transaction strategy and management – portfolio sales or purchases, including pool marketing, bid solicitation and analysis, contract negotiation and due diligence review
  • Preparation for investor or rating agency reviews

Contact us for the support you need to optimize your Capital Markets strategies, operations and policies to improve efficiency, ensure best execution, and effectively manage risk.