Claims Outsourcing, Staffing, and Consulting

Full-service Claims Out-sourcing

Our Claims Outsourcing services pair our experience with advanced technology to achieve the results you need at a cost you can manage.  Our Claims team offers a range of options to improve MI claims and investor billing performance.

Newbold provides claims consulting services, including process assessment/improvement engagement, in-sourcing support, including project management and technology implementation, and claims processing quality control reviews.  We also provide Loss Analysis services in conjunction with our outsourcing service, as well as options for deeper loss analysis and bill-back services.  Servicer bill-backs alone often pay for the cost of our analysis fees.

We also offer a complete outsource of your claims management function.  We support:

  • FHA Part and and B, and all claim types, including supplemental
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Conventional: Fannie Mae (571), Freddie Mac (104SF), and PMI (1073)

Why out-source Claims?

  • Expertise
    • Utilize experts for a very complicated process
    • Non-differentiating to servicers
    • Difficult to find and retain operators
  • Staffing
    • Scalability/overcome talent issues in small markets
    • Manage the metrics not the people
    • Avoid cost of employee turnover and human resource issues
    • Without outsourcing, capacity planning is more complicated and inefficiencies are unavoidable, especially as claim volumes decline
    • Training cost transference
  • Pricing
    • Convert costs from fixed to variable
    • Reduce staffing costs and headcount
    • Avoid purchase/maintenance of system, desktops, and telephony
  • Facilities and Technology
    • Ability to re-shore without facilities investment
    • No need to build and update complex investor/insurer guidelines and workflows
    • No need to utilize multiple systems needed to file claims with different investors/insurers

Why Newbold Claims Management?

  • Expertise
    • Deep claims experience
    • End to end mortgage experience and many satisfied customers who regularly rely on our mortgage subject matter experts
  • Staffing
    • Quickly ramp up using our experienced talent pool in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
    • Avoid scale capacity issues
    • We only utilize experienced resources
    • Our resources are trained, monitored, rated and re-trained as necessary
  • Pricing
    • Competitive per-claim pricing